Exploring The Cases Of Our Last Few Clients

Welcome back to GuteWeb. As you know, we are the leading web design company in Sweden. We work with a wide range of different clientele from an assortment of unique industries. From time to time, it is good to reflect on our recent clients and to let our visitors know what we’ve been doing. While we strive to maintain the privacy of our clients, we also want our visitors to know what we work hard on their behalf. Below, you will learn a little about our last few clients and what we have been able to achieve for these individuals.

Baseball Card E-Commerce Site

Just recently, our web design firm worked with a gentleman, who was interested in created an e-commerce website for baseball cards. The man had previously sold collectable cards in a retail establishment and he was interested in taking his business online. We knew right away that this project would be unique and very fun. We have only been working with this client for a few weeks, but we’re proud of the progress we’ve been able to make. The website is completely designed and search engine optimized. It looks great and features sports related imagery. We’re proud of it and the client is beyond thrilled.

The Bug Control Company

Another recent client we worked with claimed to be the best pest control Los Angeles CA has in the area. Therefore, we wanted to make sure we provided this individual with the best design we possibly could. We worked with this client very closely. They were very picky and we did our best to accommodate all of their desires. With a little time and patience, the site was designed in the most relevant manner. And, it was optimized with keywords to ensure the site ranked in the Los Angeles area. At this stage, we are currently working with the client to push them higher up Google’s ladder. To date, both sides of the arrangement are happy with the progress made.

A Hospital

And finally, we have worked with a regional hospital within the past few months. The hospital administration wasn’t worried too much about optimization and ranking. Nonetheless, they wanted a beautiful and highly professional website. We were provided with pictures of the hospital on the inside and out. This imagery helped immensely. The client’s project was slightly original, but it was still fun nonetheless. We enjoy all of our clients and hope them the best in the future. Thanks to all three and we’re happy we can help!

About the Author: Patricia Johnson