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5 tips for effective call-to-actions or CTAs

CTAs are very powerful and efficient tool. It can increase the rate of conversion of a site. Therefore, when developing a website, you should give extra attention to CTAs. These short phrases with clickable buttons that let the audience take quick action. Here are five tips for using CTAs effectively.

Set a goal

Having a clear understanding of your goal is important. It will help you to design your CTAs. Your goal and the CTA must complement one another. For example, if you want people to share your page in their social network then you can have a CTA like ‘Like our Facebook page.’

Understand the audience’s requirements

You should know why the audiences visit your website. Knowing their purpose of visiting will help you to design your CTA appropriately. Your target will be to encourage audiences to click.

CTAs must be attractive

CTA must grab the attention of the audience. You should use a color combination that highlights the CTA. The size of the CTA should be big enough for viewers to notice it. It should be in a spot that is easily seen.

Keep it concise and clear

CTA should not be descriptive. They must be concise and straightforward, for example, ‘Register today for a free trial,’ or ‘Sign Up,’ etc.

Proper language

The action you use should be action oriented. You should start with a good imperative verb. It will encourage viewers to click on your CTA. You should add a sense of urgency on your CTA. You should use words that prompt users to take immediate action. You should use words like ‘now,’ ‘here,’ etc.

Your entire website must be designed in such a way that it supports the CTA. For example, the layout of the website must be such that it allows easy viewing of the CTA. You should have lots of free space around the CTA so that it is visible properly. Use these tips to develop your CTA and enjoy the increased conversion rate for your business.

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