A Client We Will Never Forget – The Pest Control Guy

Here at GuteWeb, we strive to be the best web design company in Sweden. We have worked with a variety of different companies over the years and sincerely thought we had seen everything. However, we were recently thrown a curveball in the form of a pest control business owner. We were contacted by the owner of Pest Control Boston & Removed the bed bugs from my nyc home and were informed that the gentleman was interested in having his website redesigned to better match modern technology. We obtained as much information as possible for our new client and accepted the initial payment, before the work got underway.


We knew sincerely that we needed to set Greg’s businesses apart from the other pest control companies in the Boston area. In order to do that, we needed to make the site original. We started with an effective domain and a beautiful logo. The combination would prove to be immensely impactful for establishing Greg’s brand and helping to make him a known figure within the city of Boston. He was happy with the results and he was as well.

Selective Content

After the brand’s logo was strategically placed on the site, we turned to the site’s content. Every website design and SEO expert will concur that content is king. However, before the content could be constructed, we first need to select effective keywords for Greg’s site. After performing extensive research, we were able to find moderately competitive keywords, which would give Greg a major advantage over his competitors. We carefully constructed his content using these keywords and plastered it on his website.


Along the way, we knew that Greg was running a pest control company. Therefore, he would need clients to make contact with him. His services couldn’t be purchased directly over the Internet, so we needed to convince clients to engage with Greg’s website. We did this in several different ways. First, we placed Greg’s phone number strategically throughout the website. Those that wanted to call him would be able to find the number easily. Second, we placed a Facebook like button at the bottom of the page, as well as an email link. The combination ensured everyone and anyone would be able to contact Greg either digitally or through the phone.

Next Steps

After the site was up and running, it was all about marketing. We instructed Greg about search engine optimization and PPC advertising. With our knowledge, Greg has now established his company was one of the best in Boston. We were thrilled to help and Greg has been grateful for our assistance.

About the Author: Patricia Johnson